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10 Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 5 years, 2 years or only 6 months, Valentine’s Day is such a special occasion to show her that you care and cherish every moment together. Finding a great gift can be challenging, so start hunting for the right gift until you find what you think is most suitable for her! Here are some interesting ideas to serve as inspiration and maybe strike some other ideas while you’re reading the lines. You know her better, so don’t be afraid to choose what you think will please her the most!


1). Buy her a ring! If you haven’t done already, you can buy her a beautiful ring to tell her “I love you”. And even if you bought her a ring before, a customize ring will always impress your loved one and connect you two in a profound way. To make the gift really special, buy her a personalized ring with her name or initial, your initial and hers, hearts and angels, wings or any particular element that is special for your relationship. You can find a lot of inspiration on Etsy, the perfect place to buy handmade items and unique jewelry. Get your inspiration here: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=rings

Buy her a ring

  2). Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set A coffee mug is a coffee mug. But if it’s personalized and even hand crafted, it becomes a beautiful memory and serving your coffee or tea will be a pleasure. And if you have a set of two mugs, you got the perfect coffee moments shared with your darling. You can ask to have carved your names or initials, and your aniversary date on the mug to remember forever that special day in your lives. Artist Gina DeSantis creates some amazing mugs and her creations can be found at https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/personalized-porcelain-faux-bois-mug-set coffee mug     3). Survival kit If you are looking to impress him, a survival kit would be a great gift for your adventurous husband. If he loves camping, hiking, traveling or going in the wilderness, this survival kit will come handy in case of emergency. We all hope that won’t be the case to ever use it, but you never know what might happen and your partner will stay reassured knowing he has his back covered. Browse amazon.com to find interesting survival kits you can pick from. We found this interesting survival kit, with a khaki green 5-in-1 bracelet and other useful items:Survival Kit gear Tiber Flow     4).  Hanging Hammock Chair If she has a garden and loves to spend time in nature, then a romantic hanging hammock chair would be a really unique gift for her. This colorful and handcrafted hammock will impress her and show you care for her comfort. Place this in the backyard or even on the verandah, and enjoy a quiet evening reading or simply relaxing. You can buy one for you in blue or green, check out this website for ideas: https://www.floradecor.net/collections/artisan-hand-crafted-hammocks hammock chair     5).  Wall art with a message {for both her or him} If you know your partner loves wall art, then you can buy wall art with a message. It is not the art itself, but the message. She’ll remember the message and will see it each day, so make sure you pick one that resonates with her values and beliefs. It could be something to remember her about your honeymoon, or your last vacation, or even your wedding! The possibilities are endless and if you Google search for “wall art”, you’ll be amazed how many results you’re going to get. Choose a memorable message! wall art     6). Scratch Map If you already been together in several cities around the world, buy her a Scratch-off map so you can both keep track of the places you’ve visited and enjoyed. You can also place pins to mark the places you want to go in the future and plan your future trip. Find some Scratch-off maps here and choose between different types of maps: world map, USA map, etc.: https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/scratch-map  Scratch Map       7). Hot Stone Therapy Pack We all know how important is to relax from time to time, and a professional massage is just the perfect foreplay. Or you can pamper her with a Hot Stone Therapy Pack that includes a blend of massage oil especially created for the pack, mood setting candle, natural tumbled river pebbles, cosmetic hair band and instructions. You can be the one giving the massage and create a stronger connection with your partner. Such a pack can be found here: http://www.prezzybox.com/hot-stone-therapy-pack.aspx Hot Stone Therapy Pack       8). Dream catcher If you know your partner is more drawn by the spiritual interpretation of life, try offering her/him something that has more of a spiritual meaning rather than material one. Dream catchers are originally created by American Indians, and they come into a variety of colors, materials and shapes. Most dream cathers are made of natural materials, like wood and natural textiles, and are created to comply with the American Indian culture rules. Dream cathers are not only fashion accesories to hang on the wall, they are amulets to protect the person from the evil spirits. If you think she will love a dream catcher, you can find many handmade dream catchers on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/search?q=dream+catcher&ref=auto1&as_prefix=dream+ Dream catcher       9). Natural body care men’s gift set It’s nothing new that men take equal care of themselves as women nowadays. If your partner like to pamper his body with luxury beauty care products, consider buying him a gift set of 5 products: shave cream, aftershave, body wash and lips and hands mosturizers. His hands and lips need a little attention, too, and that is where the natural beeswax lip balm and salve hand cream come to rescue. He’ll enjoy these products as much as you’re going to enjoy his company after using them, because they smeel delicious! Buy the set here or get inspired by related items: https://www.amazon.com/Burts-Bees-Natural-Products-Giftable/dp/B01C0VAUAQ/ Natural body care men’s gift set       10). Buy her a vacation If none of the material gift above fit your idea for the perfect gift, then maybe you should surprize her (or him!) with a trip to her favorite town or a place you know has a special meaning for you two. Check out trivago,com, a website that is intended to compare the prices from all other booking websites and show you the best price for that location or hotel: trivago.com Trivago website       Still don’t know what to buy her? Or maybe you’re looking for an unique and very special gift for him? Find inspiration on pinterest.com, a visual place where you can find a mix of  items and ideas for every situation. Consult the boards and check out the pins, most of them are linked to a website where you can buy that product. Or if there is no link, you have the idea: search for that item on Google!


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