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8 simple remedies for fighting headaches and migraines


Headaches or migraines can be really annoying and disturbing, and can be the cause of stress, poor concentration, fatigue, all kinds of allergies, dropping blood sugar, drugs or alcohol, poor posture and nutritional deficiencies, and can cause in return working problems, difficulty in thinking and even unclear eye vision issues.

You might encounter with migraines or headaches now and then, and when you do, you want them gone in a blink of an eye. Either you are looking for a fast relief or you are willing to try unconventional remedies, here are 7 ways you can fight a headache or migraine.

1). Drink enough water. Research shows that we need two water liters on a daily basis to ensure that our bodies are in good shape, but many times a body might need more than that amount during physical effort or extreme sweating. Observe how you feel during the day and increase the water intake if necessary. If there is a severe thirsty present, try some oral rehydration salts you can find at your local drug store.

2). Massage the area that’s hurting.
You don’t have to be a massage guru or to know complicated massaging techniques to do that. Just put light pressure on the area that’s hurting and gently massage in circles until you seem to find a relief. Repeat if necessary.

3). Use essential oils. Essential oils can be of a real help when used correctly. The more you read about essential oils and the more you are willing to experiment with them, the better results you will get. Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus or even frankincense are the best to try. Put a little bit on your temples or on the back of your head, depending on your needs. Don’t forget to use a carrier oil to minimize skin irritations.

4). Close your eyes and turn off the lights. It’s easier said than done, but it can be of a real help and that’s because intense light can produce a hyper-stimulation of the nervous terminations that involve pain and relaxation control.

5). Take a nap. This is even better than just closing your eyes, because sleep increases well being and body regeneration, and will make miracles on headaches or migraines pain. A 20-minutes short nap can also increase productivity at work and boost overall body energy.

6). Use acupressure points. Determine what are the points that need to be stimulated in order to find pain relief and gently press for a few seconds. Some of the points you need to use for headaches relief are the paint called Joining the Valley (L 14 or He Gu), located in the web between the thumb and index finger or Third Eye Point (GV 24.5 or Yin Tang) located between the eyebrows.

7). Put on some relaxing music. It can be meditation music or you can listen to mantras with music on background. Music help releasing muscle tension, increase oxygen intake and will help with migraines and headaches. The human head has more than 20 muscles, so relaxing is really helpful and much needed. Although we tend to believe we are completely relaxed, we forget to release the tension in the facial muscles. There are many exercises to loosen up your facial muscles, like puffing your cheeks as if you were playing the trumpet or blowing a whistle, or rising up your eye brows and then releasing them to loosen the tension in your forehead.

8). B-complex vitamins. Headaches and migraines can be also the cause of vitamin deficiency, especially of those part of B-complex. This complex contains eight water-soluble vitamins: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, biotin and pantothenic acid. These contribute to a good blood circulation and boost immune response of the body.

Ultimate solution: take a pill.

When migraines and headaches become unbearable, medication can be the ultimate solution, but it’s highly recommend to consult your current physician before you turn to drugs. Some might be beneficial, but there are also risks, like taking the wrong drug, the wrong concentration or severe side effects like causing allergies or even anaphylactic shock.


  • Amellie

    I have tried all these and felt better, but the pain was coming back. I had to seek the root of it to get rid completely of it and enjoy life as all the others. I am seeing a physician right now and I hope he can find the cause of my headaches.

    • Happiness Practitioner

      Hello, dear Amellie. I hope you have found the right remedy for your headaches. If not, I think you should definitely try essential oils blends that are efficient and there are no side effects when used properly, meaning good dilution when applied on the skin. They are great diffused, but also they can be taken internally if they are 100% pure therapeutic oils, but you should ask your physician to make sure you’re taking the oils you need and also avoid those that cannot be taken internally due to their toxicity.

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