This page was created to remind you that happiness lies in small things. You have to remember every moment counts, although there are not all perfect. And although life is not all milk and honey, somewhere deep inside rests the power to move forward and find resources where nobody ever expects.

We are all different, and this is a very good thing. We are different and because of that we don’t always agree; we have different opinions, we argue, we haggle about things, we make out our case, etc. But we are individuals with personality, with a well defined purpose on this Earth.

Find happiness in small or big things, but always try to see the full part of the glass. Be aware of the fact that there’s always an exit of any given situation and that this exit may be easier to find than it looks at first sight. Accept the change. Accept different possibilities. Accept yourself the way you are, but pursue in developing your virtues. Accept the ones around you and try to help them if you can.

In the end, don’t attach yourself to the material things around you. Do not hold on people. Love them unconditional. Be conscious. Be aware that you’re not alone even when you’re alone, you are with your own self, the self that cannot be tear apart from you, it is you with your conscience, you and your human being. Don’t be afraid of loneliness. Transform that in solitude, in meditation, no matter what you might find out there. Let it be and be happy, it’s only up to you!