Choosing essential oils suppliers - thing you need to know before deciding
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Choosing your essential oils brands – facts you need to know before you decide

A few months ago I was introduced to essential oils by a dear friend of mine. She has some of the most needed and used oils and she was more than happy to show then to me and let me try them. I was excited about them as I read more and more about essential oils. Of course, she made me believe these are top-notch products and the only ones safe to buy and use. Little did I know that what she was talking about was MLM company who’s in to attract more and more people to spend their money on their unique claimed products. This is what others tried to imply in their approach to get me enrolled.

As I continued to learn about essential oils and use the samples I got from another friend who sold them to me (DōTERRA does not recommend such a thing, btw!), I soon discovered many Facebook groups talking about other essential oil brands and Google was nice enough to show me some very interesting niche websites talking in-depth about essential oils, so I found out more not only about DōTERRA oils, but discover other brands that seemed to worth a try. As I was still into buying from DōTERRA, something kept me from doing so, and that was the extremely high prices. As I was saving money to buy the essential oil introductory kit, I realized more and more that I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money on such a kit that’s only going to give me… 10 essential oil bottles of 10 ml each. I wasn’t sure I want to enroll to be able to buy them at a lower price, and when in doubt, you better wait. And so I did…

DōTERRA doesn’t offer information about children safety and oils. Their website lacks this kind of information that could be easily inserted in their product descriptions so that potential customers know what to expect from the product. They do provide some details about dilution and how to use the oil, but when it comes to precautions, they use standard warnings that not offer all the details one needs. It’s relatively easy to use oils when you’re an adult, but things get a little complicated when talking about kids. They are more sensitive to strong smells, not to mention their soft skin being prone to burns, irritations and itchings. Extra care and precautions are needed to make sure you are doing things right.

One of the companies I’ve discovered is Plant Therapy. While Plant Therapy has developed a whole kids safe essential oils line, DōTERRA doesn’t seem to be that kids friendly. Fortunately, Young Living seems to also have some products designed for kids, but they don’t offer much info about their products usage, dosage or dilutions. Rocky Mountain also has a kids and moms line I like and I would buyThis is a big minus for the main two MLM companies: they do not educate their customers on how to use essential oils, which I find to be more or less unpleasant, leaving the education on the hands of the people who sell their products, who might or might not have much knowledge about using oils.

One reason I was pushed away by DōTERRA was the MLM strategy. I previously had experience with Amway and didn’t want to get involved in a new pyramidal strategy. Another thing that I considered were the extremely high prices some fall for believing that their products are high quality and this is why you have to pay a higher price. They are, but they are not the only one on the market. I believe the confusion created around this issue is somehow intentional, the DōTERRA registered “health advocates” are instructed to let believe the rest of the world that their products are the only ones you should ever use or buy. And that ring a bell. I tried their products and I love some of the blends they have, such as Breathe (recently renamed as Air) or On Guard, but they are overpriced. To buy these two that I just mention, I paid around $45 which is almost the price of a 14 essential oil set on Plant Therapy’s website. Being delegate and doing my research, I discovered that Plant Therapy has a lot to offer, and as a mom of children under 3, their kids’ line got me fascinated and made me realize they make it way easier for parents to apply oils on their kids’ safely. And the prices are more than affordable. For example, you can get a full set of essential oils from Plant Therapy or Edens Garden and have your cabinet full with all the oils you need to have a pleasant essential oil journey at a much affordable price than if buying from an MLM company.

I love Plant Therapy has developed a line created and curated by Thomas Tisserand himself. This was a magnificent marketing move and they gained more popularity in the United States and Europe, although they should open a subsidiary in Europe to make it easier on European customers to order their products. Eden’s Garden also developed a kids’ line that you can turn to if you are a parent wanting to apply essential oils for certain problems, such as colds or different pains.


As a conclusion, if you have enough money to spend and are not worried about the financial aspect, then go ahead and buy DōTERRA or Young Living oils. Of course, I think other essential oils suppliers sell even more expensive oils than these two MLM companies. And some oils are rare and it’s understood to be more pricey. You choose where you buy your essential oils from. But if you’re looking for a more affordable solution to your *essential needs*, then here is a list of alternatives to the MLM companies, only to name a few.


1). Plant Therapy (my favorite at the moment)

2) . Edens Garden

3). Rocky Mountain – check out their kids and moms line!

4). Aura Cacia

5). Mountain Rose Herbs


Also, it can be helpful to find a local supplier as you won’t have to wait as much for the products to arrive. It can be cheaper also, so that’s something to consider.

In the search for the best essential oils company its best to read as much as possible about essential oils, try different companies and see what suits best for you. In the end, many families that use products from more than just one company, picking what works best for their needs. We are all different individuals, unique and have unique needs, wants and approaches.


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  • Tatiana

    Florihana is also a reputable supplier from France. They don’t provide ANY educational info on their website since it’s aimed at professionals. But their technical documentation and quality of their products are beyond the highest expectations. Check out their hydrosols – you’ll be hooked 😉
    One of the best educational websites and quality oil providers is Aromatics International from the US. Try playing with their website refining search by chemical components for instance – you’ll learn a lot 😉

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