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Emotional healing, or how to heal your emotions – book review

Today I want to tell you a little bit about emotions and how they can interfere with your personal and professional development. Your emotions are your tools to succeed, but they can also become obstacles on the way if you don’t know how to manage them and how to turn them on your side. Here is Curacion Emocional {Emotional Healing}, the book written by doctor David Servan-Schreiber, where he presents ways in which you can have a better life and put stress at ease, get rid of anxiety and fear. And what’s more, he explains you how to do all that without  pills!

This is the kind of book that make you realize what is really important when you want to heal your life. The original book title is “Curacion Emocional” {Emotional healing} and was published in 2012 in Spain, Barcelona. The book presents the factors that help us eliminate stress, anxiety and depression, all WITHOUT pills and other invasive modern methods that doctors pretend are good to go.

Because life is not the same as it was 100 years ago, not even how it was 50 years ago, humans have developed new illnesses and medical conditions that we never imagined they could ever exists. This illnesses and conditions are present every day in our lives. From the most common headaches some people develop in time, to cancer and other conditions that only the thought of them makes you wanna run and hide.

The good news come from the new medicine, the medicine of the heart, the medicine of the soul, the medicine of emotions. Because why not face it, when we are happy, every cell of our body is feeling happy. It’s not only feeling happy, IT IS happier than ever. How else would it be when we feed it with good emotions and positive thoughts?

Nourishing positive thoughts and emotions towards your body, yourself and the others will only make your body vibrate positiveness. When you are sick, under no circumstances you have to get mad at your body. If your intern organs are suffering, you have to feed them good thoughts and positive emotions. They will respond accordingly. It is something proven to be true. If I communicate with my body by the means of my emotions, my body will respond. If I get angry, my body feels anxious, feels bad already because it vibrates negative low vibration.

If you feed your mind and your body with positive emotions, it will give you a strong healthy body and mind in return. You will see the difference. After all, this is what we didn’t know 50 or 100 years ago: that we are more than just body, and that we can heal ourselves by the mean of our emotions. So let’s use this in our advantage and create a better life now!

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber walks you to the importance of the food as being an important component of the healing and he explains how certain foods can influence your mood and well-being.

Also, in the book he explains how emotional communication can offer us a point of reference when it comes dealing with certain situation in our lives. Can treatments for anxiety be medicine-free? Or are our emotions and feelings important when it comes treating diseases? You’ll learn all that and much more by reading Emotional Healing!

***If you want to read this book, find the English version here:
UK on Amazon.co.uk: Healing without Freud or Prozac
US and Canada:  The Instinct to Heal

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  • Lilith A.

    I believe I flipped through this book when I visited a dear friend in Texas last year. I remember it was really cathy and now that I found your post I think I might buy it and read it! Thanks for your share!

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