How to make your home Zen in 10 easy steps
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How to make your home Zen in 11 easy steps

In today’s fast-paced and modern life, people strive to find peace and silence in every way possible. Creating a zen space will bring balance and a sense of order in your house. In ZEN design, the spaces are designed in such a way that you can almost say each corner was intended to serve as a meditation area.

If you look to de-stress your life, but cannot control the environment you live in at work or on the street, you can always create an oasis in your own home by adopting a Zen lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how you can bring Zen into your life.

Bring some greenery into your home

Bonsai trees are most often used in zen decors and designs. Plants are known for their calming and relaxing effects and are also a great source of oxygen. Buy plants that are easy to grow and care for, and you’ll enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the room they are placed.

Make use of some Zen wall art

If you don’t like green plants, then you can choose wall decorations with greenery motifs that are perfect for the purpose. When it comes to wall decors, paintings are the ones that balance the room. Choose one that breathes peace and serenity, this will help to transform your room into a blissful area of relaxation.

How to make your home Zen in 10 easy steps

Pay attention to light sources

When you want to create a relaxing area in your room, you’ll want to pay attention to lights used and how they project light in the room. Throw away any florescent lights that create too much artificial light and replace them with nature-warn light bulbs or you may even light candles or use a candle led light bulb to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils are great in many situations and are a must-have in any home for their versatile benefits for the mind and the spirit. If you wake up feeling less energised and you need a little bit of a boost, diffuse 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil along with 3 drops of wild orange and two drops of mandarin essential oil. The smell will invigorate you in a minute! If you want to relax after a long day at work, then try diffusing patchouli and lavender, the combination will put your mind at ease and release all the tension.

Choose earth-inspired colors

Zen interiors are all about natural colors and natural materials. Choose a color mix that includes nudes, light gray and soft beige, soft pink or muted white to create that chromatic harmony you want to have in your home. If you need a spot of color, use a dominant color that is not too harsh to the eyes and place it on the throw pillows for example. You can also play with the gradient of a certain color to emphasise the design of the room.

Focus on natural fabrics

An important element in Zen design are the fabrics used to decorate the interiors. Curtains are one element that is not only designed for intimacy but also will make great decor that needs to incorporate with the rest of the room. Make sure they are of natural textiles, such as wool or cotton. Pick light fabrics that are airy and let light see-through.

Comfort at your feet

Zen interiors are known to have natural floors, with parquet as a first choice. You should pick a natural color as well, like warm beige, warm gray or light brick-red if the decorations allow such a color. Alternatively, you can place a soft comfy carpet at your feet, but be aware that those need more maintenance and they tend to gather dust much easily.

Incorporate simple and practical furniture

When it comes to Zen, furniture is all kept to the minimum. You will need furniture that has clear and simple lines, without any unnecessary embellishments. This should be of high quality made from real wood and other natural materials. Avoid placing too many pieces of furniture in your room as it will tend to look too busy. Instead, only buy pieces that are necessary and arrange them in the room in such a way that gives the room the feeling of spatiality.

Abstain from using too many decorative elements

Decor elements are cute might look great, but we tend to buy too much of them without even thinking about where we are going to place them once we get home. This is a mistake you should be smart enough to avoid it. Zen is all about minimalistic style, so keep a low profile when it comes to ornamental objects, like porcelain figures. They are outdated and have nothing to do with the Zen style.

How to make your home Zen in 10 easy steps

Add water elements into the decor

A small, minimalist fountain or waterfall would look great into a Zen decor and add to the whole design. Scientists have proven that the sound of the water falling has a calming and relaxing effect with health benefits that we should not neglect. The sound of water adjust our emotions and induce a state of well-being.

Remove all electronic appliances

It is known that electronic devices are a source of noise, electromagnetic pollution and unwanted electromagnetic waves that cause a multitude of health conditions you would rather avoid. In a zen interior, you should limit the number of such devices like TVs, laptops, DVDs, etc. If you need to have a TV in the living room, then make sure to place it in a discreet area, and hide it behind the doors of a cupboard. This way will not harm the Zen decor you have just created in your home.

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