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Living big in a tiny house

It’s incredible how more and more people realize that big sized houses are not that big of a deal anymore. Since the industrial revolution aroused, most of the human being wanted bigger and more spacious living spaces in which they could gather more and more stuff. After all, they came to realize they don’t need that much stuff anymore or they never needed it from the beginning. And there are still many who seem to want more and bigger. The trend, however, is guiding people to reconnect with nature and start a more authentic lifestyle.

Nowadays people start to realize that small, clean and neat living spaces are most efficient being at the same time the most environmentally friendly spaces. Tiny houses trend has spread all over the world, and mini houses can be found everywhere. They have something unique and catchy, an ode and a call to simplicity and authenticity, a form of reinventing the self.

From wheel tiny houses, small off-the-grid tiny houses placed at the edge of the forest, to those suspended in a tree, everything is possible. Most of them are unique just because the building project itself has been “homemade” by a bunch of people who learned how to do it on the go and developed a project according to their needs and wants.

Why should you love this kind of houses and this way of living? There are many reasons why, as well as a few downside aspects you should consider.

Here are some of the advantages of living in a tiny house.

1).  Cut the living costs.

One of the most important aspects especially for families of 4+ members but not only is reducing the cost of living, a big issue to consider when you decide to move into a tiny house. With the mortgage costs rising high and the increasing of the rents, the costs of living in a tiny house are considerable lower than living in a conventional 3 or 4 bedrooms house. You might think that a family of 4 cannot share such a small living space, but you will be surprised to see that many actually live this way. There are several videos on YouTube sharing their stories about choosing to live big in a tiny house.

2). You can take your house on a trip

If you choose a house on wheels, you’ll be able to move around the country or even visit other countries without worrying about leaving your house not attended: you will be living in a house you can take with you everywhere you go! That might be for you if you are an adventurous person willing to accommodate really fast with the changes coming along the road. But this is definitely a way of living for many now. As they say, it matters the experience and the moments captured on the road: memories are the most valuable thing in this life.

3). It’s easy to stay tidier in a tiny house.

Most of the times you can hardly find stuff you’re looking for around the house because you have gathered too much stuff! When you have such a small house, it’s easy to be clear on what you really need and what stuff you can effortlessly throw away. Decluttering before moving in a tiny house can be a hard thing to do, but if you understand the importance of having less material things, you’re one step ahead on focusing on the things that really matter in life.

4). Savings.

Less stuff like clothes, kitchen items, and other appliances are sure to save you a considerable amount of money in the long go. The less you have, the more you’re going to love using it, because you’ll cherish it more and take good care of it at the same time. It’s also proven that less material stuff you have the happier you are. You’ll make an important perspective shift when you come to realize that. You can either donate or sell the clothes and stuff that you don’t need or cannot fit into your tiny house anymore, and save that money or use it to build or decorate your new house.

5). Less energy consumption

You can set up to live off the grid using solar panels that come in different shapes to suit every need. Also, you can use a composting toilet and filter the rainwater so that you can use it later. That will allow you to place your house in a remote quiet area. Or if you want, you can also connect it to a power line and water hookups. The latter will not offer you so much mobility, but it can be a solution to try and see which one is better for you.

6).Spend more time with your family

Spend more time doing what you love having less space to clean. I don’t know about you, but I love to have things done really quick. This makes room for other more pleasant activities, like spending time with my children and my spouse, walking in nature or painting. And less space saves you from a lot of trouble, because you only have a small area to clean.



 Don’t get me wrong, as much as all the above might sound inviting, tiny houses are not for everybody. Living in a tiny house can also have its downside, especially if you are a fancy city-comfort lover who finds it hard to adopt such a nomad way of living. While some people are worried about the safety, there are others that say they could never live in such a tiny space. Although tiny houses are often times even bigger if you consider you can place them close to a forest and have a great open space in front of you, some people would never give up the comfort of a conventional house. That might be because some consider safety an issue, while others say they simply can’t live in such a tiny space.

Is living in a tiny house for you? If you get the chance, you should at least give it a try and see if it’s for you or not. Living such an experience can help you decide if you want to try it in the long run or simply stick with a conventional one.

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