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Why to chose Plant Therapy essential oils

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Plant therapy got me fascinated with their affordable essential oils. It’s not a secret that they offer a variety of essential oils at a fair more reasonable price than other companies out there, especially the ML ones that have over priced essential oils claiming to be better than all the rest. But do they really are?

This article was written with Plant Therapy in mind, without letting out the other companies being MLMs or not. All the pure essential oils are good, and I encourage you to do your research and see what else is there before you settle with one company or another. I currently use Plant Therapy and DoTerra oils, but there are many other companies that sell great oils as well.

In other words, you have to make sure your essential oils are 100% pure. DoTerra uses a marketing term, calling their oils 100% pure therapeutical grade, but remember that’s only a marketing strategy and they have 100% pure oils and period, just like many other companies out there.

Back to the Plant Therapy company, I come across this company on YouTube after searching some reviews on DoTerra and why buy DoTerra and not something else, why DoTerra is better and so on. And to my surprise, I found that many YouTubers are just sick of the aggressive and pushing strategies MLM companies are using and some find them even manipulative at some point, when DoTerra trains the sale people to teach potential customers that their oils are the best out there and the only ones you should buy. Of course, each company has its own marketing strategies and they are free to use them , but I’ve even read that DoTerra got a warning for insinuating that their products can heal certain diseases.


Plant Therapy OiLS

All this made me reconsider buying from DoTerra and the fact they are a MLM pushed me away even further. So I ran into a video talking about Plant Therapy, then into another and another. And started to read articles on this company on blogs and doing my own research even before accessing Plant Therapy website. What I discovered is that they are not a MLM, which makes prices more affordable and I couldn’t find any bad review on them, except personal opinions on different blends (Plant Therapy calls them synergies) that were not exactly what the customer expected, which can happen with any company, because you cannot be 100% that you are going to love that blend until you try it and actually smell it, no matter how many reviews you read about it. And Plant Therapy is again good at getting reviews from the customers, but I’ll tell you later about that.

First thing that I wanted to check was the purity of the oils that Plant Therapy is selling. And I found out that they are organoleptically tested by Robert Tisserand, which  has been evaluating essential oils professionally for over 40 years. Plant Therapy did a great marketing move when hired Tisserand. And the third party oil testing with the possibility of reading the oil reposts on each oil page makes it even more attractive to the buyer.

So I gave them a try and I can tell you, I’m not sorry at all. I love their oils, they smell amazing! And they have some blends that are perfect for the little ones, so that I do not need to worry about what oil to safely use on my 2 years old child! Of course, I still have my favorites DoTerra blends, such as On Guard, Air or Balance, but Plant Therapy is my main company where I buy my oils at the moment.

If you want to give it a try, you can buy their products at You can use THIS LINK to get $10 OFF of your first order of $25 or above.

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