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Positive affirmations for health and body care

One of the reasons I chose to run this blog was because of the positive affirmations and positive thinking, and my belief that these can increase your well-being, change your mood for the better, create a state of happiness and willingness and harmonising your whole being and ultimately your life.

What I’ve learned in time is that what’s more important than positive affirmations is having the same vibrational field as the affirmations you say, because without a corresponding higher vibration you cannot achieve what you are going after. We are all vibrational beings with a certain level of vibration. Once we decide to change our lives for the better, we must understand that we also need to change the vibration our bodies emit in order to align with our desires. Here is a list with positive affirmations for health that you can use to improve your health level and boots your overall energy.

I honor and respect my body

I am happy I can breathe, walk and run. I am grateful for my healthy body and I love how I feel each day. I know my body is a gift and I consciously treat it with great care and respect. I feel awesome in my own body knowing that I’m doing my best to nourish every cell. I stretch my bones and start a new day with a positive mindset. As I eat my foods and drink my alkaline water I can feel my body refreshed and full of energy.

I take good care of my body

I take good care of my body knowing it is my vehicle to walk through this life. The way I care about it represents a mirror of my health and directly shows my energy level. I choose to put healthy foods on my plate and prefer to drink lots of water to maintain a good hydrating level all day long. I know that eating healthy is going to boost my energy levels and bring more mind clarity helping me to navigate smoothly through my life. When I eat right for my body type, I feel energised each day. I love to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to vitaminise my body. I feel amazing knowing my body is receiving the right amount of vitamins and minerals from the food I eat.

My cells are in perfect harmony

My cells are in perfect harmony and nourished at an optimised level. Each cell absorbs all the nutrients from the food I eat. They regenerate as I sleep and know how to fight against the external threats. All my body cells are in perfect harmony and ready to support my body at any time. The more positive I stay, the healthier I am. I respond in a positive manner to any health threat that might come my way, knowing that a positive, high vibration is the key to perfect health and vitality.

I choose to leave worries

When problems seem to invade my life, I stay true to what I know it’s important for my health: good eating habits, exercising daily and a good positive attitude. There is no reason to worry for things that might not even happen. The less I worry, the more I’m in control. When life seems to be harsh on me, I remember to put a smile on my face and detach from the problems. Worrying about different aspect of life can only bring instability and more worry, so I choose to look at the arising problems from a constructive point of view. Changing the perspective will change the way I see and relate to my anxiety feelings. Worry is never beneficial if you don’t focus on solutions rather than the ‘problem’.

I have quality sleep

I have good quality sleep each night and I wake up restful and refreshed. I sleep eight hours each night as I know how important is for my body to rest in order for my cells to function in a harmonious way. I know healthy cells means having a healthy body. I enjoy perfect healthy sleep schedule. I nourish my body and love and respect my sleeping hours. I do whatever stays in my power to sleep better, rest more and create a balance between sleep and awake time.

I love my body as it is

I love my body and how healthy it is. My energy level is high and I can see this each day. When I see my healthy body in the mirror, I know that eating right is much more beneficial than I could ever imagine. Eating good organic food whenever possible increases the chances to stay healthy and fit. One apple a day is my slogan and I keep this habit consciously. I eat locally when that is possible and I support small businesses by doing so. My body feels amazing as I treat it with great respect. I am grateful for every day and every special moment in my life.

I work out my body

I am excited about working out my body and I always make time for my exercises. Although sometimes it’s hard to stick with a daily work routine, I find time and motivation to keep on running my workouts. Each day I feel better than yesterday and more energetic as ai continue my exercises. I do as much as I can to work my body without pushing myself too much. Moderation it’s important when looking to succeed on the long-term. Each step I make brings me closer and closer to my dream body and I feel great about it.

My emotions are influencing my  body

I make choices that are right for my body and soul. I care about my emotions and I am aware that positive emotions are what my body constantly needs. I raise my vibration using essential oils and their power to help the mind, body and soul. I create new diffuser blends to use in my daily practice. I meditate as much as I can and find comfortable for my consciousness level. Sometimes I get to be more focused than other times, and that’s OK. I know that simply having positive emotions and feelings help me stay healthy and open to new opportunities that might cone my way.

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  • Carla

    I started with positive affirmations a while ago, but didn’t pay much attention to the vibration! I think this is what makes the difference. I also put a lot of effort into being all the time positive, but that’s impossible, so I come to understand I have to also accept the other part of myself, the one you cannot pride yourself with…

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