5 inspiring books you should read
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Top 5 inspirational books everyone should read

There are times when we get stuck, feeling down or simply don’t know how to continue our everyday journey and how to put an end to this struggle. Sometimes a walk in the park or a meeting with a dear old friend can help us recharge batteries and start over. Other times we all could use some inspiration, and that inspiration can be found in many ways, one of which is by reading inspirational books.

From all the variety of great books to get inspired by, here is a short list to get you started. Pick the one that most resonate with you or read them all!

1). You can create an exceptional life – Louise Hay
I love all books by Louise Hay, and consider this book one of my very favorite. The book is a collaboration with Cheryl Richardson and incorporates the everyday wisdom we all need. These two amazing woman capture in the pages of the book the pure essence of life. If you want to birth amazing things into your life, you have to make the corresponding changes and work on them. The good vibe You can create an exceptional life emanates is simply what you need to lift up your spirits and continue with your life in a totally new manner with a brand new perspective of seeing things in general.

2). Because Money Matters: The 8 Principles to Build Your Wealth – V.V. Cam! Wouldn’t it be incredible to live a life free of financial struggles and privations? Just imagine how it would be to live a stress and worry-free life while enjoying all the benefits such a life offers. No matter what stage are you at the moment in your financial life, in this book you’ll discover how to make the right shift to a solid financial life. Because Money Matters teaches you how to take control over your financial life by applying eight practical principles. Inside the book, you’ll also find solutions on how to avoid costly choices and buys, how to design a plan for your spendings and existing debts, and a 3-step plan to implement in order to build your wealth.

3). The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning – Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Don’t die with your music still in you” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

When we realize that there is more than just the physical world with all its things we gather in our life, it’s then when we start wondering questions like: “What’s my purpose? Do I know it or still have to dig for it?”, “Why I don’t have all that I’m dreaming for?”, “Can I still have a career I once wanted but I’ve been consciously putting away or is it too late now?” and many more. This book was written to show guidance in understanding the transition from wanting all the things we’ve been told we ought to have in this life to wanting something more meaningful and fulfilling. The shift is all about changing our perspective on how we see things and situations.

4). What Should I Do with My Life? – Po Bronson
A question I believe we all ask ourselves: What to do with my life? It’s quite a fair question to ask, and the answer can be found inside the pages of the What should I do with my life? , written by Po Bronson. Read about inspirational people who have found the answer to this question. From younger to oldest, they all share their stories inside the pages. Overcoming fears and worries are most of the time hard to do. This is where the book comes into the picture to help you understand the true meaning and purpose of your life. This book will make you rethink and reconsider your priorities and stir a sense of curiosity and courage to try new things and choose a new path in your life.

5). Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, David D. Burns, M.D.
I believe it’s true that we feel we can’t do anything when we feel down, not in the mood, tired, depressed, negative, hostile and the list can go on. We need to find that mental state that enables us to create and be open to everything coming in. The good news is that you don’t need drugs to cure depression, anxiety, low self- esteem, pessimism, criticism, procrastination and others alike. There are new scientific proven methods to make the shift to a better and peaceful way of living, embracing a positive attitude. Feeling Good will teach you how to recognize your mood changes and what to do when they occur, how to improve your lifestyle and find happiness in everyday joys. The book helps you understand why we change moods and what can we do to prevent them, offering several tools that can be used to overcome dark periods in life.


  • Miranda D.

    Hi! This list is great, but there are so many others to be considered, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza or Gregg Barden. And don’t forget about Anita Moorjani or Deepak Chopra.!!

  • Lilith A.

    Hello! How about dr Dyer? He was also a great mentor and I would have loved to meet him, but didn’t get the opportunity…

  • Samantha Irwin

    I love all the books by Louise Hay! She is my favorite author, God bless her soul where she is right now! I found your blog on Facebook, and liked your page!! 😎 Have a Good day!

    • Happiness Practitioner

      Louise Hay is also my favorite author! But there are many others who are very inspiring! Thank you for stopping by!

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