WHat if you could have everything you ever wanted?
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What if you can have everything you ever wanted right now?

The more I think I’m happy, the happier I am.
Have you ever thought about why other people seem to be so happy while nothing fantastic ever happen for you? Do you feel things are slipping through your fingers and have the impression there’s nothing you can do about it?
Things are not easy, life itself is not easy, and as you grow and you realize that you have to struggle to accomplish what you want in life, and it would be much easier if you had a ‘shortcut’ to it. And let’s face it, many of us thought about that magic pill that can transform everything over the night from a nightmare to a beautiful dream come true. But what if you own that ‘key’ already? What if you have the power to change every life experience in your present and future to come? What if there’s a way you can leave behind the past and create today a new present and future?

The solution it’s right in front of you and doesn’t cost you a dime. It’s seems such an incredible thing to be real and many of you may not even believe this could be the solution, but it’s that simple as a… simple thought. You have the control over your thoughts and YOU can choose if they are positive or negative, pessimistic or optimistic. Your thoughts create your present and your future. Next time when you feel depressed, try to stop for a second your inner busying and take a deep breath. Smile. Replace the sadness with a totally new perspective. Things are unlikely to change over night – although sometimes life shows us the opposite – but if you give it a try you’ll be surprised to discover that yes, things CAN be changed.

You have the power to change them. It doesn’t matter you are struggling right now, you don’t like what you have in your life, you have no money, no job…etc. You can change all that just thinking of what you want to have, putting you in the center of all this as if you already have everything you’re dreaming of.

If you want a big house nicely furnished, with big windows facing east, a nice green backyard to enjoy late evenings or an early morning breakfast time with family, all you need to do is to picture you there. Picture you having breakfast at a cozy setting table or getting off your big comfortable bed in the morning. Imagine you have that car you are dreaming of for so long, that job you always wanted, picture yourself having everything you ever wanted. It is the power of visualization, the power that only YOU have. No one can take it from you. If you continue to struggle having pessimistic thoughts, bed feelings about everyone and everything, if you think 24/h you can’t make it, you can’t have it, then THAT is going to happen. This is what you’re going to receive. It’s the power of attraction. It is giving and receiving back what you sent in the first place.

SO stop complaining and take action. DO something about it. Change your life right now, right here. Start by making a visualizing exercise and then go deeper and deeper into details on how you want it to be, color the whole picture, sense the surroundings, put life into that picture and always imagine this is already happening. You cannot have something if you think “I’m going to have that one day”. THAT day will never come if you keep this negative thinking. Instead of that, imagine that day when you finally have what you want and what you deserve is already here. That day is today. The only thing you’ll have to get into your every day life is the habitual practice of positive thinking. And once started, you’ll see the results if you keep the road and maintain this positive perspective.
I’ll like to hear from you! Have you ever struggle to change your life for the better and never succeeded? What happened? Have you ever tried to actively visualize your future?

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