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Fall in love with autumn: decorating ideas using autumnal colors


The turning leaves and the changing nature scape are a source of inspiration for your home decor. The fall color scheme can be very inspiring when you are looking to redecorate your home as you get ready to make the shift to the cold season. Incorporate these colors in your home decor to create cozy and warm areas where you can enjoy indoor moments with your friends and family during the cold season. Be it warm yellow, vibrant orange, energizing green or bright red, make sure to integrate them all in your home decor with small touches where they are needed. Be creative and choose what you love most!

Choose between warm tones of red and orange

Autumn leaves have so many tones and shades that you have such a large range of colors to pick from. They add warmth to your home and bring that comfort we all look for in the cold long days. Hang a painting in warm colors illustrating an autumn landscape in red and orange colors. Nature has great colors in-store, and all we need to do is pick the ones we find more suitable for our homes.

Use autumn fruits as table decor

Fall in love with autumn
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Using fruits for home decorating is a great way to add a color accent and have something fresh on the table at the same time. Apples are first to come at hand and they are plenty everywhere: red or green-red, apples create a contrast and add value to any room and look amazing on the kitchen table. You can mix apples with oranges or pomegranates, but you can also add grapes for an even more interesting color combination. 

Purple looks so luxurious: make use of it

When it comes to bold autumn colors, purple is one great alternative. It feels glamorous and luxuriant and will add a touch of refinement and style to any decor. You can add purple to your home decor by mounting a purple floral wallpaper or a decorative divider that can be placed anywhere around the room according to your needs. In decors that have muted warm beiges or grays, a touch of purple will make the room look phenomenal and stylish.

Green for a fresh and balanced look 

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Khaki green it’s a marvelous pick when you are trying to balance all these vibrant and bright colors ranging from yellow to red. Green it’s a complementary color of red, but also goes well with purple or violet. Colors like Olive drab, turtle green or old moss green are great matches for the reds and yellows.

Use natural autumn elements

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Acorns, yellow and red leaves, pine cones, walnuts, chestnuts, and small wood items can create a wonderful autumnal table decor. Same way, you can add autumnal colors to your walls using greens, browns, reds, and yellows by mounting a mural with colored strips of wood. This color scheme will emphasize the autumn theme you want to reproduce and add texture to the walls.

Burnt orange and caramel

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If you want to go with colors that are more toned down, you can pick burnt orange or caramel instead. These two are a good match, but if you still find the burnt orange too bright for the room decor, you can pick a different hue and change it as you like. Burnt orange can be used when you find orange and red to brights for walls or furniture. Pick caramel tones for their cozy and warm feel and their easy mix with the rest of the decor in any room. 

Golden touch

Introducing a little bit of gold to the home decors results in a combination of aesthetics and luxury. Adding a glossy golden accessory, decor item or wall accent will give the room that glamorous look without the feeling that it’s too much golden. And let’s face it, golden it’s even more luxurious than purple can ever be. It’s probably because of its opulence, the feeling of rich, wealth, abundance look it offers to interiors. Being such a strong color, golden can be successfully used as an accent color. A round gold coffee table, a golden painting on a white-cream wall or even a chandelier in golden tones can make a great autumnal design.

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