How to overcome stress in the times of COVID-19 - SIX RECOMMENDATIONS
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How to overcome stress in the times of COVID-19

As the situation evolves and the number of cases grows at an accelerated rate, so does the anxiety and stress follow the pattern. People are worried not only about health-related issues, but they also have economical concerns such as losing their jobs and being unable to pay the rent or the credit rate. Some might be already left without a job since not everybody can work from home. And for those who are forced to move their business office in the living room, trying to juggle work, homeschooling while schools are closed and doing the chores around the house, the situation can become really stressful.

Everything is changing at a rapid pace, and we have to adapt as we move to the next stage. This threatening virus is changing our lives forever. Here are some of the things you can do to overcome stress and anxiety in the times of COVID-19.

How can you help your body and mind to adapt to the current situation

1). Adjust your diet. What we eat has a great importance in any kind of situation, but when stress comes knocking at the door, it’s extremely important to be careful of what you put on the plate. Even if you don’t have as much access to fresh foods as you would normally have, you can adjust the quantity of the ingested food so you can help your digestion and allow the immune system to perform at its best if any outside thread arise.

2). Move your body. Now that we don’t have to sit on a chair eight hours a day, you can take advantage and move your body as much as possible, doing the chores or simply playing with your children. You can also work your body in a professional manner if you look for programs on YouTube, for example. There are plenty of free videos that show you different moves and ways you can work your body and maintain a good vitality in these crisis times.

3). Laugh as much as possible. While watching the TV latest news can really raise your adrenaline levels with the panic created on any channel, you can very well choose to turn off any TV or radio and put on some comedy movies or watch funny videos on YouTube. Find any video with pranks or funny cats or dogs and watch them while you laugh out loud. There’s nothing better than a good laugh at the moment. Laughing will increase your serotonin, make you feel more relaxed and boost your energy levels. It’s totally worth trying!

4). Keep calm while you focus on your inner self. These days are turning into weeks and weeks in months and hopefully, this will end at some point. But while we are forced to stay indoors and not allowed to go out, that’s the right moment to sit with yourself and meditate. Analyze your options. Ask yourself what you really want from life. Remember what are your dreams and fight back for everything you ever wanted. This is the moment we realize life is meant to be lived at its full potential and since we only have one life to live, now it’s the moment to focus on what we really want and bring that into our reality. Even if we can’t do much right now, what we can do is plan, set intentions and act later on. Take a moment to reflect on your life and act accordingly.

5). Get rest and sleep as much as possible. Lake of sleep is another factor that can lead to more stress and anxiety. It’s important to get enough sleep so you can charge your batteries for the next workday, especially now when you are working from home. Make any needed changed in the sleep routine and go to sleep early, with a cup of tea and a good read.

6). Meditation and prayer. While it’s preferred to cover all the aspects of the physical body, we should never underestimate the power of meditation and prayer. You don’t have to be religious in any kind, you can connect with your higher self and receive messages from the Universe if you are willing to unfold and keep your mind open to possibilities. Intuition is also a great tool to use in order to connect with the Divinity and find comfort in these hard times.

How to overcome stress in the times of COVID-19 - SIX RECOMMENDATIONS
Life is beautiful

Follow these recommendations and don’t forget to stay positive in this era of ever-changing environment. It’s up to you and how you choose to position yourself in front of stress, anxiety, and change. No matter what happens around you, you have the power to control your thoughts at any moment and make them count! So think positive thoughts and use your imagination to create what you want in your life.

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