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How you can benefit from indoor plants

While summer days are quietly coming to an end and fall slowly starts to set in, we are likely to spend more time indoors than outdoors. That means less time spent in nature, far from the fresh air and warming sun. But we can bring some of nature’s benefits to our homes if we care for some indoor plants. Scientists have even discovered that only by looking at a green plant can reduce anxiety levels, they have a positive influence on your mood and help us to manage pain perception, so make sure you transform the living-room into a green oasis. Colors are also important. Bright colors are the ones that will energize you while more toned down colors will have a generally more relaxing effect on your spirits.

Here are some of the best known benefits of having indoor plants.

They are great air filters and scents

Although most of the people tend to spend money on expensive air purifiers and room fresheners, NASA report shows that plants perform like great air purifiers. They discovered that certain plants performed better than others, and plants like ficus, bamboo and ferns are the most suitable for the job.

Plants contribute to the healing process

An article on Scientific American shows that plants and natural environments are very helpful in the recovery process of the patients. Only by looking and smelling the flowers and plants you are more likely to have decreased anxiety levels and release stress, so that the body can activate the immune system to work on healing the body.

Indoor plants at the office

You have tons of work to do, but your mind can’t stay focused on any project?  Having a green plant on your office desk could highly benefit you and help maintain a better focus on the work process, make you more creative and even less stressed. Although not until soon scientists believed that we should have a clean, uncluttered working space, researchers at the University of Exeter discovered that plants in the office can actually make us more productive. Plants not only help with productivity but also can lower physiological stress and increase attention and focus, according to the same study.

Plants help us breathe easier and cleaner fresh air

We all know that green plants are perfect carbon dioxide eaters and that they release oxygen during the photosynthesis to help us breathe easier and inhale better quality air. That’s why it is better to live somewhere near a forest rather than in the middle of a town.

Decreases stress levels

A study measured the autonomic nervous system activity and cardiovascular changes and has revealed that plants have positive physiological effects on the autonomic nervous system. In contrast to that, while working at the computer, scientists detected subjects with increased diastolic blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system activity, signs that the person is undergoing x stress.

Get a better sleep

After a hard day at work, we often find ourselves unable to fall asleep although our bodies are tired and we need sleep. Plants can help us get better quality sleep. Studies have shown that some plants like lavender and jasmine are recommended for a better rest during the night. The scent of these plants is likely to induce sleep, so keep one of them by your bed to take advantage of its benefits.

Don’t have space for plants?

Even small apartments can incorporate plants and pot flowers, but if you don’t find any space for them, you can always create the impression of a natural and green environment by adding a green-leaves wallpaper or a floral one in the living-room to suggest the natural environment and bring more color to your living space. You can also invest in an original acrylic painting with blooming flowers to hang on the living room or bedroom walls.

Ultimately, don’t forget to match plants with light conditions, use good quality soil and water them properly. Here you can learn more tips for Healthy Houseplants.

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